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Affiliate Information

Whether you are a buyer or not, you can benefit from a small commission on sales generated through this website by signing up as an Affiliate Member.

How can I become an affiliate of your site?

You can become an affiliate by registering under the Affiliate Section
Are affiliates paid after registration?

You will be paid for the purchase you refer to us. We pay 5% of the purchase amount, as affiliate commission.
Will I receive payments for the lifetime purchases from my referrals?

No. You will be eligible for payments from the first purchase
When will I receive the payments?

We pay our affiliates monthly after 30 days of the months end. A minimum of £100 is required for payout and the unpaid balance will be rolled over to the next month.
Do I need a website to become your affiliate?

No. You do not need a website to become our affiliate, although obviously it would help! You need to drive traffic to us via the links we provide.
Where can I get the urls for publishing?

Login to the Affiliate Section and go to the Get Url page. You can get the banners or URLs from this section to advertise your site by email or whatever means you deem necessary.