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Selling art online with is simple and can earn you money effectively.

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To begin the process, you need to sign up as a seller, using the links at the bottom of this page.

We will confirm each seller application on this website and will be in touch with you, once the application has been received.

I am a seller. How will I sell my products through your site?

To be able to sell your products through you need to first register with the site as a Seller.
Can I sell the products free of cost? Are there any charges?

It depends on which Membership Type you have chosen

How will I receive the payments for my delivered orders?

We pay all artist 28-30 days after the Artwork/Artworks have been delivered via bank transfer or Paypal.
Can I ship items from the same order separately?

No. You can't ship items separately. You need to ship all the items in one order or cancel it.
What if some of my items don't fit in any of the categories listed?

If your item/items do not fit into any of the categories on the site, you can request that the administrator create the category/categories you need. If they are relevant, the administrator will add them for you.
How will I display my portfolio to the users?

You need to have a html portfolio page designed for publishing on the site. If you have any images on the page, please make sure the image urls are complete otherwise they will not load properly.
Do I need to pay to register with the site as a seller?

No. Sellers can register for free. The sales commission is per order after you receive them through the site. If you choose to then upgrade your account to reduce the commission arte you pay we have payable options available.

Who pays for postage and packaging?

At agallery4art we only offer free postage and packaging. It is important that this cost is added to the price of the artwork.

Who pays for the insurance while an artwork is in transit?

Each artist must ensure each artwork is insured for loss and damage while in transit.

What is your return policy?

At agallery4art we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason the buyer is not happy with the artwork it can be returned directly to the artist within 14 days and they will get a full refund. The return postage and packaging costs and the insurance while in transit are cover by the buyer. It must be returned with the original packaging also including the delivery slip.

How many artworks can I display in my portfolio?

There is no limit to how many artworks can be displayed.

How many images can I have of each artwork?

You can have a maximum of 7 and a minimum of 2 images per artwork.

The small image has a set size of 183 X 191 pixels it be a front shot of the artwork, if it has a frame this must be including. If it hangs on the wall then it must not show any surrounding wall space. This is the photo which will be used within the gallery listings.

The Large Images will be used when an artwork is clicked on to be looked at individually. All photo which are unloaded will only fit within the constrained of the main page, but a pop up window will display images up to 640px X 480px.  

Any additional image uploads are your choice, it is an idea to have at lest 4 images, the two we ask for then a close up showing the texture of the artwork e.g. canvas showing brush strokes, wood showing the grain, and lastly a suite shot, hanging on a wall, standing on a table or side board. Whatever you think best shows off your artwork to its fullest.